2017 New Zealand Major Events Scholarship

A valuable development opportunity for one deserving event Professional

The 2017 New Zealand Major Events Scholarship will highlight the achievements of an up and coming event professional rewarding them with a scholarship to attend, observe, learn and develop skills at the 2017 Eventing the Future Conference.

The Scholarship consists of a free registration to the Conference, 3 & 4 August, excluding travel or accommodation costs. The value of the scholarship is just under $900.00.

The Scholarship recipient will be announced at the Conference, as well as in the July issue of the NZEA Events Update, with his/her profile and achievements presented.


We are looking for a career-focused individual, in the development/mid-career phase of their events management journey. An individual who wants to commit to the industry long term and who sees a tangible benefit to their career development in attending the Conference.

The applicant must:

  • currently be working in the events industry in New Zealand;
  • be in the development/mid-career phase of their career (as a guide: minimum of 5 years, to a maximum of 10 years event experience);
  • be a member, or work for a member organisation of NZEA; and
  • not have received a New Zealand Major Events bursary or scholarship previously.


To apply for the New Zealand Major Events Scholarship, please forward the following to scholarship@nzaep.co.nz:

1. Please respond to the following questions:

    1. Why will attending the Eventing the Future conference be beneficial for your professional development needs and career goals?
    2. What do you think are major challenges or issues for the NZ events industry currently or in the next five years? What do you think could be possible solutions to these challenges or issues?
    3. Tell us about yourself, and why you should be rewarded with the New Zealand Major Events Scholarship?

2. Please also supply:

    1. Your professional profile or a 2-3 page CV summary
    2. A high-resolution profile photo
    3. A link to your LinkedIn profile or personal website (if you have one)
    4. Your contact details

Please note that should you be awarded the Scholarship, your profile/LinkedIn link, photo and excerpts from your CV summary will be promoted within the Conference programme, on the ShowGizmo link for the Conference and within email announcements to conference delegates and to the wider Conference and NZEA databases.

Applications must be received by 5.00pm, Friday 16 June 2017. The scholarship winner will be announced 27 June.


A judging panel of 1 x NZME Manager and 1 x NZEA Board/GM Representative will score the applicants based on their answers to the questions above. Scoring will include a component assessing the professionalism of the applicant's writing as well as the consideration of their answers and the reflected aspirations and motivations of the applicant.

Further information

Please contact Wendy Wilson on scholarship@nzaep.co.nz or 027 467 4564 with any queries.

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